About Us

Kairos,’ is a term that comes from ancient Greek whose meaning refers to, “an appointed season, occasion, or time.” It refers to a time that is not merely generic or chronological, but one that is specific and unique. Kairos moments form significant markers along life’s journey, sparking seasons of hope and joy, but also seasons of sadness and despair. Whatever the case may be, they are unpredictable and can often come with the cost of spiritual bewilderment, emotional volatility, loss of productivity, and diminished hope.

Kairos Chaplaincy Services, LLC, was founded by the Reverend Dr. Leslie Gonzales out of a desire to merge his streams of experience from both the ministry and business worlds in order to address these kairos moments of life by caring for the spiritual, emotional, and relational needs of individuals in the workplace.  As a minister, his greatest desire is to see to the care and building up of the individual’s soul; as a businessman, his vision is to see to the care and building up of the corporate climate in which the individual is placed.  It was out of this merged desire and vision that Kairos was born.

But as a hospital chaplain, Dr. Gonzales also realized there was another need beyond the corporate world; this need was for ministry among those with reduced access to spiritual care within residential and rehabilitative care contexts.  During his time serving in hospital ministry, Dr. Gonzales realized that nursing and rehabilitation centers were not afforded the same spiritual care services as larger hospitals.  He witnessed many patients discharged to these residential and rehabilitative care centers with no continuation of their spiritual care.  Upon this realization, it then became his mission to minister to this underserved population as well.

By walking alongside employees and health care recipients as they experience the kairos moments of their lives, Dr. Gonzales and his kairos team are available to attend to the needs of both the individual and the organization as they walk with you through your seasons of life.

Percentage of people who said they would work harder for a company willing to help them with their personal problems.
Percentage rate of those who utilize corporate chaplaincy services over and above traditional Employee Assistance Programs.
Percentage of patients who reported that religion was the most important factor helping them cope with their illness or hospitalization.
Percentage of families who identified religion as the most important factor in helping them cope with their loved one's illness.