Professional Development Seminars

As an addition to our list of services, Kairos also offers professional development seminars. These are one- to three-hour long sessions offered by Dr. Gonzales himself on various topics related to leadership, wellness, interpersonal relations, cultural sensitivity, financial stewardship, spirituality, grief, coping with crisis, and lay spiritual care. These topics are the result of Dr Gonzales’ years of education and business/ministerial experience, and are constantly growing and evolving.  These seminars/workshops help corporate and medical staff to grow in their professional and relational development; and they help care recipients, their families, and community members at large to handle the various situations of life they encounter through their various seasons of growth. These seminars/workshops help each individual and group they are a part of, regardless of the context, to grow in their perspective and enrich their experience of life and other.

For those desiring to pass along an even greater depth of experience to their corporate or healthcare staff, weekend retreats are also available. You can contact Kairos for more details regarding these and other options here.





Team Building Workshops

Another service of Kairos Chaplaincy Services, LLC, is interpersonal team building. These are 1-1/2 hour long sessions available to staff teams and groups working together, desiring a more unified relational and emotional work environment. During these sessions, techniques are utilized aimed at forging stronger relationships among members. Because of the nature and desired goal of this particular service, this service requires a commitment of once a week for a minimum of three months. If you are interested in participating in team building for your staff, please contact Kairos here.

Public Speaking/Preaching

Public Speaking/Preaching is another service offered by Kairos Chaplaincy Services, LLC. This differs from the instructional seminars we offer in that these events are more inspirational in nature, while the seminars are more instructional in nature. Popular topics of interest include such things as life purpose, overcoming obstacles, enduring through crisis, avoiding burnout, goal-achievement, marriage & family, or communicating with empathy and compassion. Dr. Gonzales is available to speak on virtually any topic within his realm of expertise/influence.

Dr. Gonzales is adept at the use of powerful questions that cause his listeners to reflect upon their lives and circumstances. His style is not one of pomp or flamboyance, but rather, one of captivation, self-reflection, and change.   If you desire that your group be changed by the spoken word and have a specific topic of interest, you can schedule a speaking event with Dr. Gonzales by contacting Kairos here.