Pastoral Care Coaching

Pastoral Care Coaching is another service offered at Kairos Chaplaincy Services, LLC. It is a form of pastoral care that addresses individuals' problems by using knowledge and insight from the Christian Scriptures to minister to the whole person: body, spirit, and soul. It involves the therapeutic application of empathic listening, discerning insight, and practical strategies that demand the use of ethical pastoral care coaching techniques. During the pastoral care process, the chaplain and individual work together to seek truth within the context of their shared faith and then learn to apply that truth to the situation being faced. Common topics of pastoral care coaching include marriage, family, and coping with crisis or grief.

Though each chaplain has had countless hours of training in psychological and sociological disciplines that have served to inform their approach to their pastoral care ministry, it is ultimately their theological and biblical training that they utilize in the practice of their pastoral care. Chaplains believe the Bible is the final standard of authority in every pastoral care situation. Because pastoral care of this specific nature and focus draws directly from the Christian Scriptures and often requires multiple personalized sessions, it is not a normal part of the typical professional chaplaincy experience, but its principles may be drawn upon whenever appropriate and whenever doing so would not violate the care recipient’s personal spiritual values.

When a Kairos chaplain engages in pastoral care coaching, he or she is an agent of the Church engaged in what the church refers to as the “Ministry of Pastoral Care.” Kairos chaplains are not state-licensed counselors who are governed by state regulations. Rather, they find their authority in the church and are governed by the Christian Scriptures.

While we believe that a vastly large percentage of personal issues can be dealt with by utilizing our services, we do recognize there may be some instances that go beyond our scope of practice. In those instances, Kairos Chaplaincy Services, LLC will refer the individual to an appropriate state-licensed psychological professional who can better suit their needs. If you would like more information or would like to schedule a pastoral care coaching session, you may contact us here.

Business & Life Coaching

Business & Life coaching is another service offered by Kairos Chaplaincy Services, LLC. This is a solution-focused process that helps the individual to move forward along their path to success by partnering them with a coach who listens objectively and offers perspective, balance, strategy, and accountability. While coaching principles naturally complement chaplaincy and are already integrated into the professional chaplaincy experience, life coaching is offered as a separate service for those wishing to partner with a coach in achieving a specific goal in their life. Coaching takes place in a relaxed environment of safety where all is kept confidential and all is met without judgment.

A coach is not an expert in a certain field who gives you advice (that's consulting), nor is he or she a psychological professional who prescribes to you what you need to do to become a whole person (that's psychotherapy). A coach is not someone who is more experienced than you who imparts to you what they have learned in life (that's mentoring). Rather, a coach is a professional change expert who helps you to develop unique solutions that work for you.

Unlike consulting, psychotherapy, and mentoring, the coaching relationship is a partnership of two equals. Through the use of probing questions, your coach helps you to connect with your dreams and desires and then helps you to plan the steps you need to take in order to bring them to life. By challenging you to stretch beyond the bounds of what is comfortable, your coach helps you to see that you can be and do more than you ever thought possible, living out your God-given purpose with greater effectiveness and fulfillment even when you’re blinded by fear or loss of direction.  If you would like more information or would like to schedule a coaching session, either for personal benefit or for business purposes, you may contact us here.

Religious Services

Religious services are supplemental offerings of Kairos chaplains employed with Kairos Chaplaincy Services, LLC. These include ceremonies such as weddings, funerals, and other religious celebrations. These services are subject to the availability of the chaplain on call. While most who request officiants for these types of ceremonies have a relationship with the chaplain as a result of the services that are being utilized through their place of employment or residential/rehabilitative care facility, we realize there may be some who request these services who are not connected to a particular entity or chaplain. If you are in need of an officiant for one of these services, you can contact Kairos here to request specific assistance, and we will do our best to connect you with a chaplain who is available to assist you.