Professional Chaplaincy

Professional chaplaincy is the foundational service offered at Kairos Chaplaincy Services, LLC. It involves onsite chaplain visits that provide personalized, brief encounters with employees, staff, and care recipients made during strategic times so as not to interfere with work and/or care recipient medical care schedules. Extended on-site availability of our chaplains allows not only for chaplain-initiated visits, but also for employee or patient-initiated visits, providing added convenience and discretion. In every service level, chaplains are available to employees and care recipients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for emergencies.

The substance of our chaplaincy services is multi-faceted. It is all at once scientific - rooted in psychological and sociological disciplines, holistic – addressing the spiritual, emotional, and relational needs of individuals, professional – focused on leadership and vocational development, and ethical – maintaining strict respect for each individual’s personal, cultural, religious, and spiritual values. Chaplain visits are permission-based, leaving each individual’s personal holistic care within his or her own control. Because we maintain strict adherence to the same guidelines outlined within the document entitled, “Guidelines on Religious Exercise and Religious Expression in the Federal Workplace” authored by President William J. Clinton in August 1997, we are able to care for every individual, regardless of his or her faith system or absence thereof, whatever the case may be. Our professional chaplaincy services are marked by the characteristics of empathy, compassion, and active listening.

Every Kairos chaplain is either board certified or in the process of seeking certification with a nationally recognized certifying body in the field of chaplaincy and has undertaken countless hours of supervised chaplaincy ministry. At Kairos, we offer our professional chaplaincy services within corporate contexts as well as within nursing & rehabilitative care contexts. You can read more about the benefits of professional chaplaincy within each of these contexts here, or if you are ready to sign up for our services, you may contact us here.



Sacramental Provision

Sacramental provisions are included as a part of Kairos’ professional chaplaincy service. This is a service in which select sacramental rites/observances are provided to those who express interest in receiving them.   For Protestants, we assist individuals in observance of the Lord’s Supper or can even schedule a baptism.   For Roman Catholics, depending upon the chaplain on duty, the sacrament of Communion may be administered or even the Anointing of the Sick.

At the beginning of the Lenten season, we can also administer ashes to those who observe Ash Wednesday.   

At Kairos, we are committed to making sure each and every individual whom we serve is supported in observing the various aspects of their particular faith tradition. If for whatever reason we are unable to accommodate certain requests, then we will work hard at finding a suitable solution to meet their needs.

Advance Care Planning

Also included as a part of Kairos’ professional chaplaincy service is advance care planning. Whether one is faced with a terminal condition or simply thinking about the future, we recognize that thinking about one’s own mortality can be a difficult thing to do alone. We assist individuals in planning for their end-of-life scenarios by presenting them with options related to Advance Directives and/or Medical Power of Attorney. All of this is done onsite, whether within the residential or rehabilitative context or even within the corporate context. We believe assisting individuals with this process helps to bring peace of mind as they come to the realization that their loved ones will not be faced with making such decisions in the future. We include this as a courtesy addition to our professional chaplaincy service because we believe it is a deeply spiritual decision, and as in every other circumstance, our desire is to come alongside you as you experience it.