The Benefits of Using Our Services

Most employers recognize that personal issues in the lives of employees create significant challenges to their business.  Whether it is increased absenteeism, increased "presenteeism" (bringing one's body to work but leaving their mind at home), or potentially expensive errors and/or reduced productivity, personal issues in the lives of employees can cost a company tremendously in the form of both time and money.  Being proactive in caring for the personal, emotional, and spiritual needs of employees can actually save a company money in the long run.  This is why corporate chaplaincy is so beneficial.

But chaplaincy is also beneficial within the residential and rehabilitative contexts as well.  Not only does chaplaincy provide all of the same personal and monetary benefits to healthcare staff and care organizations at large that it provides within corporate contexts, but it also provides benefits to care recipients as well.  In one study, an astounding 93% of women with gynecological cancer reported that religion enhanced their sense of hopefulness; other studies reported similar findings.  One study indicated that care facilities who utilized chaplaincy services as a part of their care had increased patient and family satisfaction so much that they were more likely to be chosen again for future hospitalization.

The benefits of utilizing chaplaincy services within corporate contexts as well as within residential and rehabilitative care contexts are outlined below.