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As part of our benefits to our employees we hired Leslie Gonzales with Kairos Chaplaincy Services, LLC, and the short-term benefits have been immense. In our business workplace stress is a general way of life. He offers an invaluable professional confidential counseling to our employees, and even I have asked Leslie personally for counsel regarding difficult situations. His patience and listening skills are immense. Kairos Chaplaincy Services provides immeasurable benefits to our employees… I praise God for opening the door to Leslie’s chaplaincy service.

Joel N. Reagan President, Smith-Reagan Insurance Agency, San Benito, TX

Leslie Gonzales has demonstrated skill and competence to those in need.  He has a light and welcoming demeanor which attracts others and builds trust readily.  Leslie is well educated and has received great training to provide professional spiritual care.  He will be an asset to any work community where he serves.

Chaplain Joseph F. Perez Vice-President of Ministry & Mission, Valley Baptist Health System, Harlingen, TX

In the short time that I’ve known Leslie, he has been an inspiration to me. He is always so encouraging and he makes you feel like he’s been your friend forever. When I speak with him, I know that he sincerely listens and cares about what I have to say. He has this special ability to communicate thoughts and ideas that are so insightful and refreshing. I always seem to walk away from my conversations with him with a clearer and brighter perspective. I wish more people explained things the way Leslie does. He’s awesome!

Yvonne Rodriguez After School Staff, Dr. C.M. Cash Elementary, San Benito, TX

I have known Leslie for several years now, and admired his ability to not just hear, but listen to people. His care and concern are genuine. He has a knack for honing in and getting at the heart of the matter—and then coaching someone towards improvement with real, tangible, attainable goals.

Pastor Jeff Neal Lead Pastor, Logos Community Church, Harlingen, TX

When life becomes overwhelming, Leslie always helps me to put my situation into perspective. He is not only a thoughtful listener, but he also knows how to draw upon his pastoral knowledge and compassion to help me develop solutions to move me forward.

Patty Fadhouli Director of Marketing, Abel Design Group, Houston, TX

To spend any time with Leslie Gonzales is truly a blessing. Even in a casual conversation you come away with fresh and deep spiritual nourishment. When you go deeper with Leslie you will come away totally focused on your Creator. One cannot help but to be inspired!

Howard W. Morgenstern Retired Vice President of Christian Community Credit Union, Board Member of NightLight USA and Bangalore University, Los Angeles, CA

There are those who profess to listen in order to advise, and then there are those who genuinely listen with an interest in your welfare and a desire to help. Leslie is the latter. He has been a sounding board for me for years in a variety of different circumstances. I’ve found him to be able to respond as a friend and as a confidant with wisdom and clarity. His ideas and thoughts are practical as well as biblically solid. He’s a scholar of the Word with a knack for being able to apply the Word at just the right place and time. I thank God for men like Leslie.

Rev. Scott Fairchild Lead Pastor, CrossRoad Ministries, Gardena, CA

I have known Leslie for many years. Over that time, I’ve found him to be an adept listener and communicator. As a part of a small group with him, I was always struck by his insight and ability to assess some of the needs of the group members. Leslie was created for pastoral care and I am grateful that he’s gotten a good amount of experience doing just that. I couldn’t recommend his services enough when it comes to this essential area of ministry.

John C. Richards Managing Director, Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL

It is quite clear to me that Leslie Gonzales is a man of God. His passion and zealousness for the Kingdom of God is both encouraging and inspiring. His diverse theological education gives him a unique perspective on the Christian faith. His convictions and genuine faith are apparent in his daily life. And yet, almost despite these things, he is able to retain a Christ-like humbleness and willingness to engage with people with differing viewpoints. Leslie is a great friend and a great Christian — all the makings of a wonderful coach and advisor.

Eric Bigoness Founder, Firelit Design, Grand Rapids, MI

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